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  • You will need a webcam or an existing digital photograph for your application. You can read about photograph requirements in the Photograph size and format section on the concession card website .You cannot use the same evidence as proof of age, that you
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  • In England you can get a bus pass for free travel when you reach the female State Pension age , whether you’re a man or a woman.Due to the bad weather nationwide, you may find that your telephone calls are not being answered as quickly as we would
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  • If you have already created an account you can login to complete your renewal or to track the progress of your application.If you have a personal email address, you can create an account and we will let you know when your pass has been dispatched. You
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  • A global golf tour will likely happen at some point in the future. The question is no longer if but rather when. Folks in golf a lot smarter than I have hypothesized about this for years, of course, and outgoing PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem considers
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  • Modern Times (1936) # 38 on IMDb Top Rated Movies »Robert Downey Jr.
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  • F (rederick). Orlin Tremaine (January 7, 1899 – October 22, 1956) was an American science fiction and other magazine editor and writer. He sometimes published under the pseudonym Warner Van Lorne .Prior to editing Astounding , Tremaine worked as
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  • There’s a new story out from this site’s editor, David Z. Morris – which is to say, me. It’s been a long time coming, begun way back in 2014 when I was still living in Tampa, and directly inspired by a cat we had at the time who
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  • Genisis Tub is very similar to Microcosmic God by Theodore Sturgeon. Should this be mentioned?JMack 15:43, 29 August 2007 (UTC)Im fairly certain theres also a Stanislaw Lem short story in The Cyberiad thats very similar. ( talk ) 15:39,
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